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Billy Raven and the Boa by Poctoria
Never noticed before by Hopeiscomingforme

by Immortal-Dreaming

The Red King paced in his room. None of his nine children nor his wife dared come into his room, when he was there, or when he was away, they knew it was his, and respected that. The hole in the ceiling allowed the sun in, giving the red room a fantastic radiance, even more so as it shone down on the dark unsmiling features of the King.
His wife was pregnant, and he had foreseen a complication, as he had looked on her womb. He saw the child older, a beautiful woman with dark hair, her skin a paler, smoother brown than those of his other children. The woman he had seen had all of the best features from him and the best features of his wife, t

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AsaxOlivia motivational by anime-rulezzz

by IvyDevi

Chapter One

"Mum!" cried Venetia, hearing here mothers scream, and rushing towards the castle.

When she got there she found Paton lying on his mother, crying.

"Mummy, please w-wake up…"

"Paton?" Venetia stepped cautiously towards him abs her mum.

"She’s d-dead, N-Nita, m-mummy’s d-dead…" he sobbed in response, never removing her face from his mother’s shoulder.

Venetia slowly walked over and dropped to her mother’s side.

"What happened in here?" Yolanda Yewbeam walked down the stairs.

"You pushed her!" screamed Paton. "You took away my mummy!" he leaped up and started hitting Yolanda.

"Paton stop she didn’t do…" that’s

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