The Charlie Bone Blog

by Immortal-Dreaming

The Red King paced in his room. None of his nine children nor his wife dared come into his room, when he was there, or when he was away, they knew it was his, and respected that. The hole in the ceiling allowed the sun in, giving the red room a fantastic radiance, even more so as it shone down on the dark unsmiling features of the King.
His wife was pregnant, and he had foreseen a complication, as he had looked on her womb. He saw the child older, a beautiful woman with dark hair, her skin a paler, smoother brown than those of his other children. The woman he had seen had all of the best features from him and the best features of his wife, t

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AsaxOlivia motivational by anime-rulezzz

by IvyDevi

Chapter One

"Mum!" cried Venetia, hearing here mothers scream, and rushing towards the castle.

When she got there she found Paton lying on his mother, crying.

"Mummy, please w-wake up…"

"Paton?" Venetia stepped cautiously towards him abs her mum.

"She’s d-dead, N-Nita, m-mummy’s d-dead…" he sobbed in response, never removing her face from his mother’s shoulder.

Venetia slowly walked over and dropped to her mother’s side.

"What happened in here?" Yolanda Yewbeam walked down the stairs.

"You pushed her!" screamed Paton. "You took away my mummy!" he leaped up and started hitting Yolanda.

"Paton stop she didn’t do…" that’s

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by IvyDevi

Joshua walked away from Manfred skipping a little and headed up into the west wing.

Joshua thought it a rather intruiging part of the house and it was where- so his mother had told him- quite a few magical happenings had happened.

Joshua went about the west wing until he got to the top, where he knocked on Mr. Ezekiel’s door.

"Come in," screetched Mr. Ezekiel.

Joshua opened the door, came in and closed it.

"Sit, Joshua, sit," said Mr. Ezekiel with a smile.

So Joshua sat in the armchair that was across from him.

"Manfred, said you wanted to see me, sir…" mumbled Joshua.

"So I do, so I do, you know who Charlie Bone is?"

"Yes, sir,"

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Olivia Vertigo by colorguardgirl96

by IvyDevi

In her skin
Like a puppet, a girl on a string

I had been theirs, at their disposal, nearly a ghost, a puppet, unable to feel, to know, to even understand.

Broke away
Learned to fly
If you want her back, gotta let her shine

I was locked up in the attics, Manfred had locked me up there because Charlie Bone had woken me up.

I didn’t want to give up. I had a life, I had friends, I had an aunt.

Then something hit me. I could fly, Charlie had said so I stood on my bed and imagined flight, before I knew it I was soaring.

So, it looks like the joke’s on you
'Cause the girl that you thought you knew
She’s so gone
That’s so over n

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Benjamin and Runnerbean… by MarshyArt1

by kensei-sama

Disclaimer: Charlie Bone and all associated with Charlie Bone are not mine at all. Miranda Arthur is mine though.

It was always such a dangerous game playing with that girl. She never played by his rules, EVER. It was certain that the girl lived to aggravate him and would stop at nothing until he was bald from the stress of her constant badgering.
Miranda Arthur, bane of Manfred’s existence; if there was anyone he couldn’t stand more than Charlie Bone, it was Miranda. The way she’d constantly bait him into reacting to her, and turn around using her power to get out of the trouble he desperately wanted to g

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by IvyDevi

To The Tune of Happy Birthday:

Dr. Bloor is fifty

But you’d think he’s ninety

Because he looks so o-old

Dr. Bloor looks ninety
Manfred Needs To Die:

To The Tune of “Can’t Break Her Fall” by Matt Kearney Starting at The Chorus (Halfway down is halfway out of here…)

Manfred Bloor really needs to die, maybe falling some stairs, like twenty flights.

He’ll be long gone.



He could jump off a cliff, or drown underwater, break his leg and fall off the roof or get attacked by his daughter.
Manfred Is A Creepy Guy

To The Tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy:

Manfred should not go to school

His face is far

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